Male © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography eBird S65190247 Macaulay Library ML 206007161
Female © Thibaud Aronson
Male © Nik Borrow
Male © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography
Male © Alexandre Hespanhol Leitão

Sao Tome Pigeon Columba malherbii

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A small-to-medium-sized dark pigeon with slaty wings, a grayish head and breast, an iridescent green-pink sheen on the mantle, a buffy vent, and red feet. Sexes differ in plumage: male has a gray belly and female has a buff-rufous belly. Pairs are fairly common in the canopy and at middle levels of forest, including degraded forest and edge, but rarer at higher altitudes. Calls include a grating “krrrrk-krrrrk” and song is “kruueh-kruuw-koo-koo-ko-ko-kokokoko” with notes speeding up like a bouncing ping-pong ball. The larger Maroon Pigeon has yellow legs and bill and lacks Sao Tome Pigeon’s iridescent green nape; Lemon Dove has a white face and frequents the forest floor.