© Joshua Vandermeulen
© Nick Athanas
© Andy Jones
© Scott Atkinson

Sapayoa Sapayoa aenigma

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A strange greenish bird with a limited distribution from Panama to northwest Ecuador. Dull olive overall, slightly brighter yellow on the throat and upper breast. It also has a concealed yellow crown patch, but it is difficult to see. The bill is notably broad and subtly hooked at the tip. Somewhat large-headed and front-heavy. Despite its dull plumage, this species is relatively distinctive within its range. Compare with Green Manakin, which is more compact and slightly shorter-tailed than Sapayoa. Voice is also helpful: listen for Sapayoa’s “teew, teew” calls and its soft trilled chatter. Found in the understory of mature lowland forest, singly, in pairs, or in small groups, often following mixed-species flocks. Interestingly, this species has no close relatives in the Americas; it is most closely related to Asian broadbills.