Breeding adult © Jonathan Lugo eBird S31711603 Macaulay Library ML 51358281
Nonbreeding adult © Ryan Schain
Juvenile © Jonathan Eckerson
Nonbreeding adult © John P Richardson
Breeding adult © Jay McGowan
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Breeding adult © Alex Eberts
Juvenile © Jay McGowan
Nonbreeding adult © Theadora Block
Flock © Tom Unsicker

Sanderling Calidris alba

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Small, sprightly shorebird. Breeding plumage shows rusty tones on upperparts, often with a frosty appearance when fresh. By mid-summer, the frosty feather tips fade away and the neck can be deep, rich red—not to be confused with the much smaller Red-necked Stint! Very pale in winter. Juveniles are nearly spangled with black-and-white above. At all seasons, note larger size and somewhat thicker bill than other peeps or stints, along with bold white wing stripe in flight. Flocks are usually seen on open beaches, well known for running back-and-forth chasing waves and feeding actively in the sand. Also occurs on mudflats, especially in migration. Extensive global range, breeding on high Arctic tundra and wintering on coastlines on every continent except Antarctica.