Breeding adult © Jay McGowan eBird S23786037 Macaulay Library ML 45254791
Nonbreeding adult © Baxter Beamer
Nonbreeding/immature © Ted Keyel
Breeding adult © Lionel Xavier Horn
Juvenile © Daniel Jauvin
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Juvenile © Ryan Schain
Breeding adult © Laure Wilson Neish
Nonbreeding adult © Steve Percival
Habitat © Scott Gibson

Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres

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Fairly small, stocky shorebird with short, chisel-like bill. Breeding plumage is particular striking with bright rusty upperparts and bold black-and-white pattern on head and neck. Nonbreeding and juvenile are duller brown but still boldly patterned; note orange legs. Interesting behavior of flipping over rocks, shells, and other debris to nab invertebrates. Fairly common, with extensive global range. Breeds in the high Arctic tundra; winters on coastlines nearly worldwide. Prefers rocky habitats, but also seen on beaches and mudflats. Usually in small flocks, often mixed with other shorebirds. Listen for low, hard rattle call.