Male (Rusty-breasted) © Robert Lewis eBird S22740954 Macaulay Library ML 240489171
Male (Salayar) © James Eaton
Female (Rusty-breasted) © Pam Rasmussen
Female (Salayar) © James Eaton
Male (Rusty-breasted) © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography
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Male (Salayar) © James Eaton
Male (Rusty-breasted) © Andy Walker - Birding Ecotours

Rusty-breasted Whistler Pachycephala fulvotincta

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Medium-sized songbird, endemic to the Lesser Sundas and far eastern Java. Throughout much of range, the typical Golden-type Whistler: brightly-colored males have a striking black-and-white head and flashy yellow collar, breast, and belly, while considerably duller females are brownish overall with paler underparts, whitish throat, and yellow vent. Birds on Selayar Island, off southwestern Sulawesi, are very different, with males and females looking almost identical; note this subspecies’ white throat, gray head, and olive back. Like other Pacycephala whistlers, a forest species, often seen gleaning insects from the foliage, or heard giving its loud, vibrant song.