Adult (Northern) © Graham Ella eBird S130068161 Macaulay Library ML 560658381
Adult (Northern) © Holger Teichmann
Adult (Pacific) © Loch Kilpatrick
Adult (Pacific) © Holger Teichmann
Adult (Amazonian) © Daniel Lane
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Adult (Northern) © Timo Mitzen
Adult (Northern) © Justyn Stahl
Adult (Northern) © Daniel Field
Adult (Northern) © Mike Melton

Tropical Royal Flycatcher Onychorhynchus coronatus

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Uncommon, medium-sized, overall warm brown flycatcher of humid tropical forest in lowlands. Note the hammerhead crest—very rarely fully raised to reveal spectacular, flame-red fan with violet-blue-black tips. Otherwise looks rather flat-headed. Also note the long bill, and pale cinnamon rump and tail. Usually found as singles or pairs in mid-levels of dense forest, where flutters actively after insects. Nest is a straggly mass of dead vegetation up to 3 feet long that hangs from the tip of a branch, often along streambeds. Often detected by single squeaky calls; rarely-heard song variable across range. Occurs from Mexico to Brazil.