Adult white morph © Marshall Iliff eBird S41596010 Macaulay Library ML 83984151
Adult blue morph © Brooke Miller
Juvenile white morph © Blake Matheson
Adult white morph © Ronan Nicholson
Adult white morph © Marky Mutchler
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Adult white morph © Brian Sullivan
Adult white morph (with Snow Goose) © Patrice St-Pierre
Adult white morph (with Canada Goose and Cackling Goose) © Max Leibowitz

Ross's Goose Anser rossii

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Cute miniature version of Snow Goose with smaller body, shorter neck, and stubbier bill. Pay special attention to the bill: short, with a straighter border where it meets the face, a much less obvious dark “grin patch,” and often bluish-gray color at the base. Also note clean white head; Snow Goose typically has yellowish staining on face. Hybrids with Snow Goose are rare but regular; some intermediates might be best left unidentified. Dark morph Ross’s is extremely rare. Typically found in flocks, but individuals may be found with other geese species. Frequently in large mixed flocks with Snow Geese. Occurs in fields, marshes, and lakes during migration and winter; breeds on Arctic tundra.