Breeding adult © Paul Chapman eBird S43374807 Macaulay Library ML 88416591
Nonbreeding adult/immature © Adrien Mauss
Juvenile © Ramit Singal
Nonbreeding adult/immature © David Irving
Nonbreeding adult/immature © Lukasz Pulawski
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Nonbreeding adult/immature © Ryan Schain
Nonbreeding adult/immature © Hugo Foxonet

Rock Pipit Anthus petrosus

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Plumage relatively dull and dark: grayish brown to grayish above with weak darker streaking; dingy whitish below with heavy and rather blurry dark streaking. Also note the dark legs (pink on smaller and buffier Meadow Pipit, which often occurs in coastal grassland adjacent to Rock Pipits). Song is a bland, repetitive, high-pitched series, often accelerating towards the end. Call a high, lisping, slightly harsh "ssiip", very similar to that of Water Pipit. Like other pipits, walks strongly and often pumps its tail a little. Found along rocky coasts; infrequent inland. Often seen on rocks and adjacent areas with short grass.