Adult male © Claudia Brasileiro eBird S49221815 Macaulay Library ML 120800961
Adult female © Claudia Brasileiro
Adult male © Joao Quental JQuental
Adult female © David Krueper
Adult male © Roger Ahlman

Red-stained Woodpecker Dryobates affinis

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Small brown woodpecker of lowland rainforest. Upperparts olive brown with small red spots (“stains”) on the shoulder (but these may be hard to see). Males have a red crown and nape. Found in a variety of humid forest habitats, including mature rainforest, secondary rainforest, and forest edges. Distinguished from the similar Little Woodpecker by its larger size, plainer face, and small red wing spots, as well as by voice; also, female has yellowish nape (gray in female Little). Red-stained also occurs in more mature forest habitats than Little, like mature rainforest and tall secondary growth (Little prefers dense riverside vegetation and successional growth). Call a fast series of high raptor-like yelps: “keer, keer, keer, …”, individual notes clearer and more descending than those of Little Woodpecker.