Breeding male (Southern) © Robert Johnson eBird S49078278 Macaulay Library ML 118544081
Breeding male (Northern) © Daniel Jauvin
Female © Marna Buys
Nonbreeding male © Nigel Voaden
Breeding male (Southern) © Volker Hesse
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Breeding male (Northern) © Tommy Pedersen
Breeding male (Southern) © Daryl Dell

Red-headed Weaver Anaplectes rubriceps

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The only weaver with a slender red-to-orange bill. The breeding male is geographically variable, but all races have diagnostic red heads. The female and non-breeding male have mostly plain gray or brown upperparts, red or yellow in the wing, and pale underparts. Pairs occupy broadleaf woodland and moist savanna, where they frequently join mixed-species flocks, foraging for insects by diligently searching leaves and branches. The species is often detected by its distinctive, high-pitched insect-like squeaks and chips that are incorporated into a typical weaver call and song. The much smaller Red-billed Quelea differs from Red-headed Weaver by having a streaky back and occurring in large flocks.