Adult light morph © Francis Canto Jr eBird S70405535 Macaulay Library ML 243885681
Adult dark morph © Shawn Billerman
Adult dark morph © Ken Chamberlain
Adult light morph © Cameron Rutt
Adult dark morph © Volker Hesse
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Adult dark morph (with Brown Booby) © John Cahill

Red-footed Booby Sula sula

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Large seabird of offshore tropical waters around the globe; not seen from the mainland. Adult plumage is variable, but all have bright red feet and colorful bill and face; some have wholly brown plumage, others are white with a black trailing edge to the wings; the tail can be black or white. Immatures of all types are brown overall with dull pinkish feet. Looks smaller and more slender than other boobies, with more crooked wings. Nests on offshore islands (usually in trees and bushes, unlike other boobies, which nest on the ground).