Female © Stephen Davies
Female © Taylor Abbott
Eclipse male © Jay McGowan
Male and female © Ryan Schain
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Male and female © Carl Giometti 🍹
(with Lesser Scaup, Canvasback, and Ring-necked Duck) © Jay McGowan

Redhead Aythya americana

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This attractive diving duck often gathers by the thousands on lakes or bays in the winter. Males have cinnamon-colored head, yellow eye, and gray body. Females are plain brown overall, a lighter blond color than scaup and Ring-necked Duck. Also note evenly rounded head shape. About the size of Greater Scaup, but slightly larger than Lesser Scaup and Ring-necked Duck—this can be helpful when they are together in mixed flocks. Best separated from Canvasback by head and bill shape and male’s darker gray body. Breeds on marshy freshwater ponds and lakes; winters in flocks on any large body of water, often mixed with other diving ducks. Dives frequently to reach submerged aquatic vegetation.