Adult male © Ryan Schain eBird S36431711 Macaulay Library ML 56379821
Adult female © Ryan Schain
Immature female © Ryan Schain
Immature © Luke Seitz
Adult male © Jonathan Eckerson
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Adult male © Evan Lipton
Adult female © Ryan Schain
Adult male © Tim Armstrong
Adult male © Alissa Milillo

Pine Warbler Setophaga pinus

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A medium-sized, rather robust and long-tailed warbler, with a noticeably stout bill. Variable plumage, from bright adult males with extensive yellow throat to extremely dull grayish-brown immature females. Always look for two white wingbars, diffuse streaking on the sides of the breast, large bill, and long narrow tail with a shallow notch. Well-named: almost always found in pine trees throughout the year. In spring and summer, listen for loud musical trill (compare with Chipping Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco). Occasionally visits feeders, especially for suet. A short-distance migrant, wintering entirely in the United States.