Adult male (Lynes's) © GARY DOUGLAS eBird S49231640 Macaulay Library ML 119145831
Adult female (Lynes's) © Ottavio Janni
Adult male (Pectoral-patch) © Niall D Perrins
Adult female (Pectoral-patch) © Ian Davies
Adult male (Pectoral-patch) © Fabio Olmos
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Adult male (Lynes's) © Nigel Voaden
Adult female (Pectoral-patch) © James Kashangaki

Pectoral-patch Cisticola Cisticola brunnescens

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A tiny, short-tailed streaky brown cisticola. Breeding male has an unstreaked rufous crown and dark lores. Female and non-breeding male have a streaked crown. Found in short grassland, mostly in montane areas but also locally at lower elevations. Very similar to several other cisticolas, though often distinguished by range. Breeding male can be identified by its unstreaked rufous crown. Female and non-breeding male may only be distinguishable by voice. Inconspicuous for most of the year; usually seen when performing a flight display over its breeding habitat. The song consists of a series of rough “tshek” notes that accelerate as the bird drops to the ground. Sometimes there are also wing snaps.