Breeding adult (Yellow) © Keenan Yakola eBird S23252160 Macaulay Library ML 63710411
Breeding adult (Western) © County Lister Brendan
Nonbreeding adult/immature (Yellow) © Fyn Kynd
Nonbreeding adult/immature (Western) © Blair Dudeck
Nonbreeding adult/immature (Western) © Luke Seitz
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Nonbreeding adult/immature (Western) © Brian Sullivan
Breeding adult (Western) © Alex Lamoreaux
Habitat © Daniel Jauvin

Palm Warbler Setophaga palmarum

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Subtly patterned brown-and-yellow warbler, known for constantly bobbing its tail. Often forages on the ground, unlike most other warblers. Breeding plumage shows a rufous cap. In fall and winter, look for pale eyebrow and dark line through the eye, diffuse streaks on underparts, and bright yellow undertail coverts. Two populations: “Western” is browner overall, brightest on the undertail coverts; “Yellow” is more suffused with yellow overall; they overlap extensively in range, especially during fall migration. Breeds in bogs and clearings in the boreal forest. In migration, found in a variety of open, shrubby habitats. One of the more common warblers wintering in the southern U.S.; also winters in the Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsula.