Adult male (Orchard) © Bryan Calk eBird S69044111 Macaulay Library ML 238871541
Female (Orchard) © Evan Lipton
Immature male (Orchard) © Alix d'Entremont
Adult male (Fuertes's) © Mark L. Hoffman
Immature male (Orchard) © Daniel Grossi
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Adult male (Orchard) © Austin Jennings
Adult male © Bryan Calk
Female © Isaac Denzer
Male (Orchard) © Gary Mueller

Orchard Oriole Icterus spurius

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Small, slender oriole. Adult males are a unique rich chestnut-brown color with a black head. Females are dull yellow-green with white wingbars. Immature males are similar to females, but with a black throat and mask. Breeds in open woodlands, river edges, pastures with scattered trees, and brushy orchards. Visits feeders with nectar and fruits. Departs breeding grounds early and heads to wintering grounds in Mexico and Central America, where it can be found in any open or wooded habitat. Compare with female Hooded Oriole, which is larger and longer-tailed and has a narrower, more curved bill.