Adult (Olive) © Suzie McCann eBird S56983124 Macaulay Library ML 250187971
Adult (Olive) © Marky Mutchler
Adult (Pacific) © kenneth reyes
Adult (Olive) © Bryan Calk
Adult (Pacific) © Guillermo Saborío Vega
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Adult (Olive) © Casey Weissburg
Adult (Pacific) © Ruth Rodriguez
Juvenile (Olive) © Jane Crawford
Adult (Olive) © Bryan Calk
Adult (Pacific) © Noah Strycker

Olive Sparrow Arremonops rufivirgatus

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A very plain sparrow found in dense brushy woodlands and weedy fields. Gray overall with dull greenish back. Look for obvious dark stripes on head, usually brownish but darker in western Mexico. Sexes are alike; young birds are buffier and streakier. Fairly common but shy and sometimes difficult to see well. Always on or near the ground. Primarily a Mexican species, with limited range in U.S. and an isolated population in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Listen for song, a series of sharp notes that speeds up towards the end. Compare with brighter Green-backed Sparrow of the Yucatan Peninsula; especially note different voice.