Breeding male (Eurasian) © Lukasz Pulawski eBird S64997937 Macaulay Library ML 204639371
Breeding male (Greenland) © Sylvain Reyt
Breeding female (Eurasian) © Tom Auer
Immature © Gerard Proulx
Juvenile © Andrew Spencer
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Breeding male (Eurasian) © Frédéric PELSY
Nonbreeding male © Yash Kothiala
Nonbreeding adult © Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul
Female/immature (Eurasian) © Daniel Jauvin
Habitat © Bethan Clyne

Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe

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Small thrush-like bird with distinctive black-and-white tail pattern best seen in flight. Throughout most of range, breeding male is overall pale with gray back and buffy throat, black mask, and black wings. Breeding female is duller without black mask. Nonbreeding and immature birds are bright buffy overall with subtle pale eyebrow and lack contrasting black wings. Note long legs and upright posture. Tends to stay on the ground or on low perches. Primarily Eurasian species with a limited breeding range in Alaska; breeds in areas of bare rock and short grass and spends the non-breeding season in open habitats such as grasslands and barren rocky plains. Jumbled-sounding song is quite variable, often including whistles, trills, and mimicry. Calls include a high-pitched “weet”, dry rattle, and dry “chak”, often repeated.