Light morph © Stephen Mirick eBird S53087649 Macaulay Library ML 142378071
Dark morph © Dorian Anderson
Dark morph © Matthew Grube
Dark morph © Matt Brady
Light morph © Evan Lipton
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Light morph © Brian Sullivan

Northern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialis

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Stocky, medium-sized seabird like a mix between a shearwater and a gull. Variable plumage. Light morph birds are white below and gray above like a gull. Dark morphs are generally sooty-gray overall, darker and browner in the Pacific. All but the darkest birds have a pale patch on the upperwing. Also note thick pale bill with orange tip. Flies with stiff wingbeats, often wheeling and arcing like a shearwater. Can be seen singly or in flocks, often loosely associating with other seabirds when feeding. Breeds on cliffs at high latitudes across the Northern Hemisphere; otherwise found offshore in cold water. Rarely seen from land except at colonies. Atlantic and Pacific populations may be separate species.