Male © Christopher Stephens eBird S34002883 Macaulay Library ML 46818151
Female © Adriana Dinu
Immature © Cathy Pasterczyk
Female © Stefan Hirsch
Male © George Gibbs
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Male © Christopher Stephens

New Zealand Bellbird Anthornis melanura

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A medium-sized nectar feeder endemic to New Zealand. Note yellowish-green plumage, blackish wings and tail, and red eyes. Male has purple tints on his head. Female browner, with a bluish gloss on the head. Juveniles show a clear yellowish cheek stripe. Widespread in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Favors native and exotic forest, scrub, and urban parks and gardens. Listen for its melodious song consisting of a series of tuneful notes. Alarm call is a harsh, rapidly repeated “yeng.” Distinguished from European Greenfinch by lack of a pale, conical bill and larger size. Listen for lack of grunts, wheezes, and clicks to distinguish song from that of Tui.