Narrow-billed Tody Todus angustirostris

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A small, gemlike species that prefers higher elevation moist woodlands, but also occurs in coffee plantations. The rather large head, long bill, and short tail create a profile shared only by the Broad-billed Tody within its range. Both species have bright green upperparts and a red throat and sides. Note especially the pale eyes of Narrow-billed Tody, as compared to the dark eyes of Broad-billed. Many Broad-billed also have a buff-yellow wash below, which the Narrow-billed lacks. On birds lacking buff below, the Broad-billed can be identified by its all red lower bill, which is black tipped in the Narrow-billed. Further clues to identification include altitude, with this species occurring above 700 meters elevation and the Broad-billed occurring mostly below 700 meters. The Broad-billed also tends to forage higher within woodlands on more open perches. Vocalizations include a buzzy “chik-zhwik” with second note slightly upslurred and a rapid buzzy chatter at about 14 notes per second; compare this with the quick “weep” or “whip” uttered by the Broad-billed.



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