Female © Christoph Moning
Male © Jens Thalund
Male © Daniel Branch
Female © Matti Rekilä
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Male and female © Karl Overman

Arabian Wheatear Oenanthe lugentoides

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A dark wheatear in which males and females are very different. Males are black above, with a dark-streaked whitish cap, and white below. Females have a dark brown back and lightly streaked paler underparts. Both sexes have a buff undertail and a black-and-buff tail with a “T” pattern. The tail pattern is conspicuous in flight, as are white panels in the outer wings. Found in dry, rocky areas, usually with at least some trees and shrubs. The song consists of short, musical sequences of whistles and chattering notes, which are repeated after short pauses. Separated from similar wheatears with overlapping ranges by the combination of rufous undertail, and white outer wing panels.