Adult (Abyssinian) © Ken Havard eBird S64993459 Macaulay Library ML 204469591
Adult (Mt. Kilimanjaro) © Fabio Olmos
Adult (Mt. Kenya) © David Lambeth
Adult (Ngorongoro) © xiwen CHEN
Adult (Abyssinian) © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography
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Adult (Mt. Kilimanjaro) © Bruno Silva
Adult (Mt. Kenya) © Niall D Perrins
Adult (Ngorongoro) © xiwen CHEN
Adult (Abyssinian) © Markus Craig
Adult (Mt. Kilimanjaro) © Phil Stouffer
Adult (Mt. Kenya) © David Lambeth
Adult (Ngorongoro) © Charlie Nims
Adult (Abyssinian) © Tommy Pedersen

Moorland Chat Pinarochroa sordida

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A small, drab, dumpy, long-legged, short-tailed chat of high-elevation habitats. The tail has a black-and-white “T” pattern that is conspicuous in flight. Found mostly at high elevations in montane grassland, in moorland, and on rocky slopes. Perches conspicuously on low perches and forages by hopping across the ground. Tail pattern is similar to a wheatear’s, but Moorland Chat is smaller and shorter-tailed. Somewhat similar to other drab brownish chats, but found in different habitats, and also distinguished by the tail pattern. Gives quiet chirps, ticks, and scratchy calls.