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Moheli Bulbul Hypsipetes moheliensis

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A medium-sized greenish-gray bird with a black cap and a carrot-colored bill, endemic to the middle and high elevations of the mountains of the island of Moheli in the Comoros. Found in humid forest scraps and in adjacent plantations and secondary areas. Often in small, noisy groups. Very similar in appearance to Madagascar Bulbul, and they overlap at moderate elevations, especially in degraded habitats. Moheli Bulbul is separated by the slightly larger size and larger bill, the olive tint to the plumage, especially on the back, and the yellowish tint to the underparts. The song is an unmusical series of rattling and scraping notes, often given from a high perch, similar to Madagascar Bulbul’s, but slightly lower-pitched. The calls include a long, whining note.