Male (Luzon) © Raymond Dan eBird S106233649 Macaulay Library ML 431744251
Female (Luzon) © Jörg Hanoldt
Male (Southern) © Allan Barredo
Male (Bohol) © Robert Hutchinson
Male (Luzon) © Morten Lisse
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Female (Southern) © Kevin Pearce
Female (Bohol) © Fumihiro Semba
Male (Southern) © Ramon Quisumbing

Metallic-winged Sunbird Aethopyga pulcherrima

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A small bird with a fairly long, curved bill of lowland and foothill forest and forest edge in the Philippines. Male has bluish-green iridescence on the forehead, cheek, and shoulder, and a yellow throat and chest with an orange smudge. Female is washed-out yellow below with a whitish throat. Similar to Lina’s Sunbird, but male has a shorter, rounded green tail and olive rather than blue flight feathers, and the female lacks the gray head, streaked chest, and reddish belly. Female also similar to female Handsome Sunbird, but has a dark green tail. Voice includes a high-pitched jumbled song and an upslurred, high-pitched “chuit!”