Female © Theresa Bucher
Male © Cole Gaerber
Female © Shawn Billerman
Female © Stephen Gast
+ 2
Male © Paul Tavares

Medium Ground-Finch Geospiza fortis

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One of the most common and conspicuous of the Galápagos finches. Bill is at least as long as the bill is deep, with the upper edge slightly rounded. Lower edge of bill is mostly straight. Bill is moderately stout-looking, but bill size varies between individuals, and not all birds can be accurately identified. Bill is black on breeding male and dull orange on female and nonbreeding male. Male’s plumage is sooty-black; female is brown with paler underparts that are streaked with gray. Large Ground-Finch’s bill has bulbous appearance and usually forms a ridge where it meets the crown. Small Ground-Finch’s bill is smaller and more pointed. Found in a wide variety of habitats on most islands, but absent from Española and Genovesa.