Breeding male © Eric VanderWerf eBird S49308379 Macaulay Library ML 119649921
Female/nonbreeding male © Phil Gregory | Sicklebill Safaris |
Female/immature © Eric VanderWerf
Molting male © Paul Lewis
Breeding male © Phillip Edwards
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Breeding male © GARY DOUGLAS

Mauritius Fody Foudia rubra

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A sparrow-like weaver. Red-hooded breeding males are distinctive, but females and non-breeding males are drab. A rare Mauritius endemic that is found in and adjacent to humid forest and woodland. Can be very similar to Red Fody. Breeding male Mauritius Fody lacks red on the back and belly, though molting male Red Fody can match this pattern. Females and non-breeding males very similar to Red Fody, but Mauritius Fody is darker and more greenish, with a longer, slimmer, slightly curved bill. Also similar to female House Sparrow, but distinguished by the thinner bill. Calls include high, silvery notes and lower-pitched “vet” notes. Both are sometimes given in a series.