Female © Pablo Re
Male © Pablo Re
Female © Iván Eroles
Female © José Carlos Motta-Junior
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Female © Luiz Carlos Ramassotti
Male © Amed Hernández
Male © Richard Greenhalgh

Southern Yellowthroat Geothlypis velata

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Skulking warbler typically found in marshes, moist grassland, and edge of swampy forest. Male is quite distinctive with his black bandit mask and gray crown. Female can be confusing, but her yellow throat usually stands out against her olive upperparts and sides. Song is a rich up-and-down series of whistles. Calls include a descending series of chip notes and a short rasp. Pairs usually stay well hidden, but males sometimes sing from an exposed perch. This species is at least partially migratory. In the southern part of its range it is present only in the austral summer, when it breeds, then moves north in the winter. In some parts of its range it can be seen year-round. Formerly considered a subspecies of Masked Yellowthroat.