Breeding adult © Abhiram Sankar eBird S44245486 Macaulay Library ML 93850071
Nonbreeding adult © Chris Wiley
Juvenile © Stephan Lorenz
Breeding adult © Paul Chapman
Nonbreeding adult © Ian Davies
+ 4
Breeding adult © Matt Brady
Nonbreeding adult (with Common Greenshank) © Leslie Loh
Nonbreeding adult (with Common Redshank) © Afsar Nayakkan

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis

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Slender pale sandpiper with a fine, needle-like bill. Note the overall slim and elegant shape, with very long and slender greenish legs: suggests a much smaller Greenshank that’s been to ballet school. In flight appears dark above with broad white stripe up middle of back; long legs project well past tail tip. Usually found singly or mixed in with other waders in varied fresh to brackish wetland habitats, usually with open water. Feeds by wading in water, picking with its bill. Repetitive mellow calls somewhat similar to Greenshank, but rather monotone and with a sharper quality.