Adult (caudatus) © Sami Tuomela eBird S104646585 Macaulay Library ML 424325641
Adult (europaeus Group) © Christoph Moning
Adult (alpinus Group) © Chris Jones
Adult (caudatus) © African Googre
Adult (europaeus Group) © Justus Weber
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Adult (alpinus Group) © Kuzey Cem Kulaçoğlu
Juvenile (europaeus Group) © Ged Tranter
Flock © Cho Byungbeom
Habitat © Dejan Sklopic

Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus

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Adorable, active little bird with a minute stubby bill. Distinctive: tiny and fluffy with attractive pinkish, black, and white plumage and very long tail. Some plumage variation across range; adults in northern parts of range have white head without broad black eyebrows and whiter underparts, while those further south are darker. Juveniles (seen in summer–early autumn) have brown head sides; become like adult by winter. Often travels in groups, at times joining with flocks of other tits and small woodland birds. High-pitched, fussy calls add to restless demeanor. Inhabits wooded and forested habitats, parks, gardens, and hedges in farmland; sometimes visits bird feeders.