Juvenile dark morph © Luke Seitz
First summer light morph © Ryan Schain
Subadult © Jason Dain
Juvenile light morph © Darlene Friedman
+ 5
Immature intermediate morph © Luke Seitz
Adult © Ian Davies
Juvenile dark morph © Alex Lamoreaux
Adult © Tyler Ficker

Long-tailed Jaeger Stercorarius longicaudus

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Slender gull-like seabird; the smallest of the three jaegers. Breeds on Arctic tundra; spends the rest of the year at sea. Difficult to separate from other jaegers, especially Parasitic. Breeding adults have an exceptionally long, pointed tail. Also note uniform brownish back contrasting with dark flight feathers, limited clean black cap, and pale yellow on the side of the neck. Immature birds have an attractive scaly pattern on wings and vary from dark brown to a pale grayish white. At all ages, note buoyant, tern-like flight. Typically shows white shafts only on two outermost wing feathers (fewer than other jaegers). Bill is shorter and proportionally thicker than other jaegers. Jaegers chase other birds and steal their food.