Adult (Loggerhead) © Yeray Seminario eBird S34043642 Macaulay Library ML 46961921
Adult (Hispaniolan) © Alan Van Norman
Adult (Puerto Rican) © James Thompson
Adult (Loggerhead) © Suzanne Labbé
Adult (Loggerhead) © Felipe Pimentel
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Adult (Loggerhead) © Eric Hynes
Juvenile (Loggerhead) © Anonymous

Loggerhead Kingbird Tyrannus caudifasciatus

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A large flycatcher, mostly found in wooded areas, where it hunts from middle to upper level perches. It is grayish above and whitish below, and usually has a blackish crown and face. Most populations of this species have grayish tail band. Resembles Eastern Kingbird, but Eastern has a bolder white tail band and smaller bill than Loggerhead. The similar Gray Kingbird has a paler head with a dusky mask and a notched tail, whereas the tail is usually squared-off in Loggerhead. Giant Kingbird has a heftier bill and lacks whitish tail band present on Loggerhead. Calls include various trills and chatters.