Adult © Etienne Artigau🦩 eBird S35012384 Macaulay Library ML 51363091
Juvenile © Chris Wood
Immature © Alejandra Pons
Adult © Steve Kolbe
Juvenile © Martina Nordstrand
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Juvenile © Ryan O'Donnell
Adult © Luke Seitz
Habitat © Oscar Johnson

Little Blue Heron Egretta caerulea

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Small heron with strikingly different adult and immature plumages. Adult is distinctive: mostly grayish-blue with a contrasting deep purplish head and neck. Also note greenish legs and bicolored bill. Immatures are all white in their first year, with tiny dark tips on the outer wingtips. Take care to separate from Snowy Egret; note Little Blue always has dull greenish legs, grayish or greenish lores, and usually a two-toned bill. Little Blue also forages more slowly, often pausing for long periods of time with neck outstretched and bill pointed down. In their first spring, Little Blues start to show splotches of gray-blue plumage. Locally common from the eastern U.S. to South America; especially common near the coast. Found in a variety of wetland habitats, especially shallow marshy pools.