Adult male © Andres Vasquez Noboa eBird S148235406 Macaulay Library ML 608740673
Adult female © Steven Liffmann
Adult male © Roger Ahlman
Adult male © Andres Vasquez Noboa
Adult male © Silvia Faustino Linhares
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Adult female © Renato Espinosa
Adult male © Tomaz Melo
Adult male © Brian Sullivan

Lemon-throated Barbet Eubucco richardsoni

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Small, colorful barbet of lowland rainforest canopy. Plumage variable across its range: males are typically green-olive above and bright yellow below, with a crimson crown and sides of the face (but crimson replaced with black in northeastern Peru and adjacent northwestern Brazil) and variable amounts of orange on breast; females are similar but duller, often with more gray in the head. Usually found near water, around oxbow lakes, forest streams, and swampy forest; also found in secondary forest and forest edges. Frequently associates with mixed species flocks. Listen for its low, rolling song.