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Santa Cruz--Cerro Dragon

Passeriformes > Thraupidae

Large Tree-Finch

Camarhynchus psittacula

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A fairly large, parrot-billed Galápagos finch. Bill is highly curved on both the upper and lower edges, and it is a bit longer than it is deep. Male has a black head and back, and a yellowish belly with a varying amount of dark streaking. Female is tan with a whitish or yellowish belly, and brown streaks on the underparts. Bill is black on breeding male, and brown or orange on nonbreeding male and female. Very similar to Vegetarian Finch, which is larger with a bulkier bill. On Floreana, also compare with Medium Tree-Finch. Found on most of the larger islands, but absent from Española, Genovesa, Santiago, and San Cristóbal. Inhabits forests at higher elevations, but some may descend to lower elevations during dry periods.



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Large Tree-Finch

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