Adult (Large) © Bill Bacon eBird S35099463 Macaulay Library ML 51858501
Adult (Indian) © Balaji P B
Adult (Malay) © Neoh Hor Kee
Adult (Large) © Nikolaj Mølgaard Thomsen
Adult (Large) © Prashant Kumar
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Adult (Indian) © Prem Prakash Garg
Adult (Malay) © Kelly Siderio
Adult (Indian) © Albin Jacob

Large Cuckooshrike Coracina macei

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A large gray cuckooshrike with a strong, hooked bill. Upperparts are mostly gray with black primaries; male darker than female. Rump and upper tail are paler than back, which is apparent in flight. Male has gray throat and upper breast becoming white in the belly with some gray bars. Female has white underparts with dark gray bars except from the lower belly to the tail. Both sexes have a dark patch from the bill to slightly behind the eye, giving a masked impression. Juvenile is brownish, heavily scaled with whitish-buff, and mottled on the underparts. Immature has broader white edges to wing feathers. Vocal. Call is a two-noted, rather nasal “gii-yaak,” uttered in flight as well as from a perch. Inhabits lightly wooded country, avoiding wet forests.