Adult (Bacan) © John C. Mittermeier eBird S11666323 Macaulay Library ML 131138601
Adult (New Guinea) © Anonymous
Adult (New Guinea) © Chris Wiley
Adult (New Guinea) © Anonymous
Adult (Halmahera) © Sam Woods
+ 11
Adult (Halmahera) © James Eaton
Adult (Bacan) © Mark Sutton
Adult (Buru) © Peter Kaestner
Adult (Buru) © Charles Davies
Adult (Seram) © Phillip Edwards
Adult (Seram) © Lucas DeCicco
Adult (Seram) © Lucas DeCicco
Adult (Kai) © Rainer Seifert
Adult (South Pacific) © John C. Mittermeier
Adult (Halmahera) © John Drummond

Island Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus poliocephalus

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A small warbler with a pale eyebrow, a dull greenish upperside, a white throat, and yellowish underparts. Sometimes shows a faint central crown stripe, and sometimes an indistinct wingbar. Widespread with small variations, perhaps indicating multiple cryptic species. Singles, pairs, or groups inhabit lowland and hill forest, often accompanying mixed-species flocks. Differs from Arctic, Japanese, and Kamchatka Leaf Warblers in being smaller, yellower underneath, and darker above, and in sometimes showing a central crown stripe. Sings a very variable high-pitched warble mixed with twittering phrases.