Adult © Karthikeyan Ponnambalamoorthy
Immature © Sanjay Malik
Immature © Thibaud Aronson
Adult © Anonymous
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© mathew thekkethala

Indian Cormorant Phalacrocorax fuscicollis

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A dark ducklike waterbird with blue-green eyes, a rounded head, a sloping forehead, and a long and slender bill that is sharply hooked at the tip. Adults are black, immatures are brownish with white underparts. Like all cormorants, frequently seen swimming with its body low in the water, head and neck pointing upward, and suddenly disappearing underwater to catch fish. Often perches upright on a rock, drying itself with outstretched wings. Seen in small groups, fishing communally in inland water bodies. Similar to Little Cormorant, but note the slightly larger size and shape of the head, flat on Little Cormorant and rounded on Indian Cormorant. Indian Cormorant is smaller and slimmer than Great Cormorant.