Female © Djop Tabaranza
Male © Irene Dy
Male © George Inocencio
Adult © Ramon Quisumbing
+ 4
Male © Ronet Santos
Adult © Ravi Iyengar
Male © Brendan Ryan

Indigo-banded Kingfisher Ceyx cyanopectus

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A dazzling little kingfisher of streams with vegetated banks from the lowlands to low elevations in the mountains. Deep indigo-blue above with a pale turquoise band down the back and speckling on the wing and head. Note pale cheek and throat patches and bright orange chest and belly. Males have a blue band across the upper chest, and some have an incomplete band across the lower chest. Races differ. Southern birds have an all-black bill, while northern ones have a red lower bill and more blue on the sides. Similar to Common Kingfisher, but Indigo-banded lacks orange on the cheek and has at least some blue on the sides. Voice is a high-pitched, tinkling trill.