Breeding adult © Andy Bankert eBird S68699710 Macaulay Library ML 232380621
Juvenile © Dorian Anderson
Nonbreeding adult © David M. Bell
Breeding adult © Marky Mutchler
Molting adult © Marky Mutchler
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Molting adult © Jorge Eduardo Ruano
Juvenile © Matthew Bode
Juvenile (with Black-bellied Plover) © Jason Ransom
Breeding adult © Bob MacDonnell

Hudsonian Godwit Limosa haemastica

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The smallest godwit, overall rather dark. Long upturned bill, red at the base with a black tip. Breeding male shows rich rufous belly and messy black, gray, and white pattern on back. Female duller. Nonbreeding birds are overall plain gray, but juveniles have more cinnamon tones. Note white eyebrow in all plumages. Most distinctive field mark is black underwing, only seen in flight. Breeds on grassy tundra in Canada and Alaska, winters in southern South America. In migration, found in flooded fields, beaches, mudflats, and shallow marshy pools, sometimes in mixed flocks with Willet or yellowlegs.