Adult male © Martina Nordstrand eBird S76767715 Macaulay Library ML 283643061
Female/immature © Jonathan Irons
Adult male © Matthew Plante
Female/immature © Nic Allen
Adult male © Jay McGowan
+ 8
Adult male © Matthew Plante
Male and female © Jim Merritt
Adult male © Brad Imhoff
Female/immature © Suzanne Labbé
Juvenile © Mike Stewart
Female/immature © Jay McGowan
Adult male © Lois Stacey

House Finch Haemorhous mexicanus

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Frequents suburban settings across North America, along with open woods, brushy field edges, and deserts. Males vary in shades and intensity of red. Some males are yellow or orange. Females are drab gray-brown overall with plain faces and blurry streaks on underparts. Similar to Purple and Cassin's Finch, but House Finch males are more orangey-red with color equally bright on crown, throat, and breast. Red color is mostly restricted to head and upper chest, contrasting with cold gray-brown nape, back, and wings. Pale sides show distinct brown streaks, lacking red tones. Females lack bold face pattern and have more diffuse patterning overall. Often sings loudly in neighborhoods and visits feeders.