Breeding adult © Ivan Sjögren eBird S64975809 Macaulay Library ML 204241621
Nonbreeding adult © Brad Imhoff
Molting adult © Dennis Dirigal
Immature © Sharif Uddin
Molting adult © Charlie Shields
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Breeding adult © John Riegsecker
Breeding adult © Peter Hawrylyshyn
Nonbreeding adult © Ryan Sanderson
Nonbreeding adult © Chloe Wilson
Breeding adult © Kai Victor

Horned Grebe Podiceps auritus

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Small, compact grebe with thin pointed bill. Breeding adults have long golden tuft behind red eye. Also look for rich chestnut neck and body contrasting with darker back. In winter, grayish overall with a black cap and contrasting white cheek. Red eye visible at close range. Breeds on marshy ponds; during migration and winter, often seen on large lakes, bays, and open ocean. Compare with Eared Grebe, especially in winter. Horned is thicker-necked and larger-headed. Also note Horned's flatter crown, white cheek contrasting with dark cap, and pale tip on bill.