Female © Vicki Miller
Immature male © Paul Fenwick
Adult male © Tim Lenz
Adult male © Steven Mlodinow
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Adult male © Fred Forssell
Female © Delaney Kempf
Adult male © Tim Lenz
Immature male © Joshua Rudolph

Hooded Oriole Icterus cucullatus

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Rather slender, long-tailed oriole. Adult males are orange with a black mask and throat and obvious white shoulder patch. Variable color intensity: Eastern birds (from Texas to the Yucatan Peninsula) are brighter orange; Western birds are more yellow. Females are dull yellow with a grayish wash on the upperparts and sides. Immature males are similar to females, but brighter yellow and with a black throat. Occurs in open woodlands and scrub in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. Often seen in parks and neighborhoods, with an affinity for palm trees. Visits feeders with nectar and fruits. Most similar to female Orchard Oriole, but note the longer, more decurved bill.