Adult male © Allan Bigras eBird S74625195 Macaulay Library ML 269638401
Female © Bill Thompson
Nonbreeding male © Amanda Guercio
Adult male and female © Libby Burtner
Female © Jay McGowan
+ 7
Male and female © Alix d'Entremont
Adult male © Brad Imhoff
Immature male © Timo Mitzen
Female and juvenile © Jay McGowan
Adult male and female © Marina Roell
Female © Janis Stone

Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus

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Small diving duck with thin serrated bill. Breeding males have showy black-and-white crest, a couple zebra stripes on the white breast, and cinnamon-colored sides. Females are brown with a puffy crest and partly yellow bill. Looks slender and long-necked in flight, with very fast wingbeats. Widespread across much of North America, but usually only seen in pairs or small flocks. Nests in cavities near small ponds or marshes; especially fond of wooded swamps. In winter, usually found on calm bodies of water; almost never on the ocean. Sometimes mixes loosely with other duck species.