Male (Hook-billed) © Marvin Pfeiffer eBird S64260265 Macaulay Library ML 208115701
Female (Hook-billed) © fernando Burgalin Sequeria
Immature (Hook-billed) © Jorge Eduardo Ruano
Male (Hook-billed) © Christoph Moning
Male (Hook-billed) © Gabriel Cordón
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Female (Hook-billed) © Yolanda Luna
Female (Hook-billed) © Graham Montgomery
Female (Hook-billed) © Ryan Shaw
Immature (Hook-billed) © Zandro Armas Moreno
Female (Grenada) © Knut Hansen

Hook-billed Kite Chondrohierax uncinatus

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Widespread raptor of tropical America, occasionally reaching as far north as southern Texas. It can be identified in all plumages by its fiercely hooked bill and yellow or orange spots on face and bill. In flight, note the blunt, bulbous wings, strongly barred flight feathers, and broad tail bands. Male is mostly gray with faint white or tan barring on the underparts. Female has a brown collar and brown and white barred underparts; the pattern and color vary somewhat throughout its range. Juvenile is mostly white below with very sparse barring. Common call is a quick, shrill cackle. Inhabits both dry and humid forest at all but the highest elevations, and often seen soaring with other raptors or vultures.