Male © Ari Noviyono Macaulay Library ML 276677761
Female © Leonardus Adi Saktyari
Male © Leonardus Adi Saktyari
Male © Rob Martin

Javan Blue Flycatcher Cyornis banyumas

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A medium-sized flycatcher with strikingly different male and female plumages. Male is beautifully colored, with deep blue upperparts, mostly orange underparts, and a white belly. Female is much duller, with a grayish head, gray-brown wings, a rufous tail, and rufous-washed underparts. Found at low and middle elevations in forest, especially in densely vegetated ravines and stands of bamboo. Song mixes melodious warbling and whistling with thin “seet” notes. Calls are a loud “chek” or “tak,” reminiscent of stones tapping. Male resembles male Mangove Blue Flycatcher, but generally found in different habitat and separated by darker blue back and more uniformly rufous underparts, including the chin. Female can be confused with many other flycatchers, but is usually identified by its combination of a rufous-washed breast and a lack of wingbars.