Adult male (Northern) © Nate Gowan eBird S43205738 Macaulay Library ML 87658151
Female/immature male (Northern) © Chris Wood
Male (Lowland) © Fernando Farias
Female (Lowland) © Marcos Eugênio Birding Guide
Male (Highland) © Alfredo Rosas
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Adult male (Northern) © Tony Battiste
Female/immature male (Northern) © Tony Battiste
Female/immature male (Northern) © Jason Vassallo

Hepatic Tanager Piranga flava

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Large, stocky tanager. Males are red with dusty wash on upperparts and sides (especially on northern populations); females are muted yellowish. Both sexes are brightest on the throat and crown. Also note stout bill and dark lores. Several separate populations occur from the southwestern U.S. to South America, probably comprising multiple different species. Northern birds prefer mountainous areas with mixed pine-oak forest. South American birds found in a variety of forested habitats, from open woodlands in the lowlands to scrubby areas in the high Andes. Most similar to Summer Tanager, but grayer tones to plumage and usually different habitat. Song is sweet like American Robin: mostly clear phrases with some hoarser notes.