© Oswaldo Hernández Sánchez eBird S80092761 Macaulay Library ML 302781051
© Jhonathan Miranda - Wandering Venezuela Birding Expeditions
© David Ascanio
© Lisandro Moran

Helmeted Curassow Pauxi pauxi

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Large and unmistakable black curassow with a blue-gray helmet on forehead, red bill and legs, white belly, and white tipped tail. Males and most females similar, but some females are of a brown and barred morph. Generally rare in mature montane forest from low to medium elevations. Often in pairs or small groups walking on the forest floor, foraging on fruits and seeds; when alarmed flies to the upper level of the forest, sometimes calling in alarm and other times staying quiet. Vocal during the breeding season; song is a deep, low pitched series of “uhm…UUUUHm…uuuhm;” alarm call is a deep and dry sneezing sound. No similar species in range.