Breeding male © Ian Davies eBird S16099676 Macaulay Library ML 26860111
Female © Chris Thomas
Nonbreeding male © Marc North
Breeding male and female © Cos van Wermeskerken
Male and female © Chris Thomas
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Breeding male © Margaret Viens
Female © Paul Jones
Female and chick © Job De Bruycker
Breeding male © Chris Wood
Breeding male and female © Darren Clark
Breeding male and female © Andrew Spencer

Harlequin Duck Histrionicus histrionicus

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Fairly small, boldly patterned diving duck that lives a seemingly dangerous life near fast-moving water and jagged rocks. Male is striking and unmistakable. Female is dark brown with small white patches on face; compare with female scoters but note smaller size and smaller bill of Harlequin. In summer, almost invariably seen in pairs on rocky streams where they breed. Gathers in small flocks on rocky coastlines in winter. Feeds on insects, fish, and aquatic invertebrates. Frequently dives underwater. Vocalizations are cute, high-pitched squeaks. In North America, more numerous in the west than in the east; also occurs in eastern Asia and Iceland.