Adult male © Lars Petersson | My World of Bird Photography eBird S65186937 Macaulay Library ML 206028811
Adult female © Lorenzo Calcaño
Adult male © Fernando Nunes
Adult male © Juan Escudero
Adult female/immature © javier mesa

Handsome Fruiteater Pipreola formosa

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A rotund, striking bird, medium-sized with green and yellow body and large white wing spots. Male has black head, yellow underparts, and blurred red chest patch; female lacks black head and shows yellowish underparts with green barring. Both sexes short-tailed with orange eyes and small orange bill. Often alone or in pairs, perching quietly in the low to high levels of the forest. Fairly common in humid forests in foothills or at higher elevations. Not as vocal as other fruiteaters. Female distinguished from Golden-breasted Fruiteater primarily by green barring (not streaking) on underparts. Endemic to the Coastal Cordillera of Venezuela.